Author: Maria Venchuk - Licensed proctor at Elite Food Safety & Sanitation

Interested in getting ServSafe Manager certification ?

This article will provide information on how to get a ServSafe manager certificate. It will discuss why you need this type of certification, what knowledge and skills are covered in a ServSafe manager exam, and how you can prepare yourself.

People with a Servsafe Manager Certification are people who have been trained to do more than just follow recipes. They are reliable and proficient at implementing safe food handling practices, legally required in all states, so that customers can enjoy their food without concerns about its safety. Passing the ServSafe manager certification exam will enable you to act as a Food Safety Manager at a local business such as a restaurant, grocery store, or hotel.

The ServSafe Manager certification is for anyone who is in charge of food service operations in a commercial establishment.

ServSafe Manager Certification Requirements:

To become ServSafe certified, you must pass the exam and complete your certificate either online or in a classroom setting.

You can study for the exam by taking courses offered by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF). Once you are ready to take the exam, visit a testing center near you. You can find testing locations on their website. The test is administered at testing centers around the world. Visit their website to view testing dates, times and other information about how to register for the exam.

To obtain the ServSafe Manager Certification, you must pass the ServSafe exam, which consists of 200 multiple-choice questions. You must score at least 70 percent to pass. The exam is offered at more than 6,000 test centers in the United States and Canada. 

This exam is required to earn your ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certificate. The exam is based on the ServSafe Manager curriculum which covers management of food safety in restaurants, bars and other retail food establishments. It also includes restaurant sanitation, personal hygiene and health, customer complaints and employee relations, employee responsibilities and rights, as well as foodborne illness prevention and control.

Don’t have time to take classroom sessions ?

There is also an option of taking an online ServSafe course and exam which will make things faster and easier. Online courses are usually flexible and you can study on your own, however you will have to take the ServSafe exam with a proctor.

ServSafe online manager certificate training is an online food safety training course that can be taken by anyone, anywhere in the United States. The program consists of six modules and covers all aspects of food safety management. This course is designed to prepare you for the ServSafe Certification Exam and give you a solid understanding of food safety management practices.

There are different options when choosing the right proctor as some companies provide only with course materials or they charge extra for examination after you finish their course. “Elite Food Safety & Sanitation” is a company owned and operated by licensed proctors who try their best to help you overcome the difficulties of ServSafe certification. This is your one stop shop when getting ServSafe certification, where you can get flexible schedule, 24/7 support and all in one package that includes study materials, examination and licensed proctor to help you get ServSafe certified.

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